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Who We Are?

Our team of experts develops strategies so that companies can benefit from the shift to the social workplace. 

Social Workplace Strategy

Our method identifies organisational and technical success factors and draws up customized action plans to turn your business social. Don’t place your trust on viral proliferation or the fascination new technology might bring with it - take the driver seat and steer your enterprise up the road to success.

Social Intranet Development

We also design and implement successful social software and ECM solutions for large and mid-sized businesses. With more than 20 years of successful implementations for global clients and a highly specialized team we are one of the leading companies for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Beezy for digital workspaces in Europe.

Social Software Adoption

Ready to roll with your social software but unsure how to get everyone on board? You’re already running Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Beezy but usage seems to be lacking? People from various operational departments across the company can’t see the benefits?

netmedia is happy to help and delivers an award-winning best-practice approach („Social Workplace Methodology“, „Enablement Framework“) which covers all necessary aspects of planning and implementing social software.

Increase Acceptance

In order to locate your personal pitfalls we look for answers to the following questions:
- Why aren’t people using the software?
- Who are our project drivers and key stakeholders?
- What do we want to use the software for?
- Where can we expect success to show first?
- How do we make results visible for everybody?
- How do we win others over?
- When do we play which measure for optimum effect?

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